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Babali Publisher is a publishing institution under the Babali Jaya Gumilang Foundation with permission from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.

Babali Publisher Vision and Mission Statement


To become the largest publishing institution in Southeast Asia that is professional and credible in publishing works beneficial to society.


  1. Publish the most up-to-date books that can be accessed globally.
  2. Publish reputable scientific journals.
  3. Encourage an increase in people’s interest in reading.
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A book publisher is a company or individual that oversees the production, distribution, and marketing of books. Publishers work closely with authors to bring their manuscripts to a wider audience.


Journal publishers manage the creation and dissemination of academic or professional journals. They play a crucial role in the scholarly communication process by coordinating peer review, editing, and publishing of research articles.

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Author services are offer various support services to writers, helping them navigate the publishing process. These services can include editing, proofreading, cover design, formatting, and self-publishing assistance.

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Babali Publisher stands out for its legal authorization under the Babali Jaya Gumilang Foundation, approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Indonesia. This guarantees credibility, compliance, and access to resources, fostering a network within the publishing community. Aligning with the foundation’s mission, market presence, and potential for broader exposure make it a compelling choice for authors.

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