All Your Needs at One Place

Translation with Editing

You have dedicated time and effort to your research, with the intention of contributing to your field. We will ensure that no language barriers stand between you and the research world.

Let our experts translate your work accurately from multiple languages into English. You can be sure that the translation maintains absolute accuracy, is free of language errors, and retains your unique voice. Our highly trained translators all have native English-speaker levels of competence, with advanced degrees in a wide variety of subjects.

Similarity Review Report

Have you properly acknowledged and cited other authors’ work in your manuscript? It can be hard to keep track, but failure to do so is viewed by journals as unethical and often leads to rejection. Using our Similarity Review Report is a great way to avoid accidental plagiarism.

We use iThenticate software to help you identify passages in your manuscript that could be flagged by journals for accidental plagiarism. You will receive an iThenticate assessment and a report that will guide you in making it clear in your manuscript where you are building on the work of others.

Artwork Preparation

Your manuscript can be improved with the right graphs, charts, illustrations, schematics, photographs, and diagrams. Our Artwork Preparation services help you to create visuals that comply with your target journal’s specific requirements for layout, format, size, and resolution.

Our highly experienced illustrators can work with a range of file formats, and they understand technical artwork guidelines across a wide variety of journals. When you send us your final editable artwork files, our team formats and revises your complex figures.

Rapid Technical Review

Manuscripts can be rejected during peer review because of poor manuscript structure, a weak argument, or other factors that may have been overlooked by authors. If you choose our Rapid Technical Review service, our experts will review your article to identify major reasons for rejection. This means you can address the issues before you submit your article to the journal of your choice. You’ll rapidly receive your review, allowing you to revise your manuscript and still meet publication deadlines.

English Language Editing

High quality research deserves clear writing. We have brought together teams with expertise in subject-relevant editing to ensure that manuscripts meet international standards of scholarly English and are free of grammatical, spelling, and other common language errors.